The Scientific Advisory and Counseling Board

The Scientific Advisory and Counseling Board (SACB) of the DEEPFIELD project is expected to work in close cooperation with INESC TEC, in particular, with the main R&D centre involved in the DEEPFIELD project, CRAS, towards the improvement of the policies implemented concerning field robotics, in particular, in the aerial and underwater robotics domain.

The SACB is composed by 1 or 2 of each partnering institution of the project and at least 2 members of the scientific advisory board of INESC TEC in view to measure the improvement in the overall scientific capacity of the initiating institutions. Moreover, the SACB will be in charge for evaluating and selecting young researchers of the coordinating institution to be part of the short-missions. The SACB will also assign a tutor able to mentoring the individual young researcher in his short-mission, working in straight connection with the partnering institutions.
The SACB is also in charge to assess the quality of project outputs evolution and make recommendations to the PMT in order to ensure that the project remains in line with its objectives and the work plan strategy, aligned with the key performance indicators (KPI) of the project, and the expected positive impacts on research and innovation potential are reached.

The main responsibilities of the SACB are:

  • Assess the quality of the project outputs and objectives
  • Make recommendations for change of direction and/or focus to ensure that the results are geared for maximum potential exploitation
  • Provide regular scientific and innovation guidance
  • Ensure a continuous stimulus for a better use of expertise/experiences among the initiating institution
  • Research groups and among collaborating partnersProvide support and guidance regarding dissemination of knowledge and experience in a manner that provides maximum potential exploitation of the project
  • Provide support and manage the selection of young researchers to short-missions and assign a mentor to follow their work.