Expected impacts

DEEPFIELD aims to take INESC TEC robotics team to the elite of the research centres in in field robotics in the EU. The successful completion of the project will:
  1. Allow the direct collection of experience and best practice guidelines, both from the technical and organizational point of view, by the proposing institution and
  2. Establish a solid network of cooperation with recognized institutions of other Member States, focusing on deep learning applied to field robotics.
As such, the set of resulting impacts to the overall scientific and innovation capacity of INESC TEC in the area of deep-learning (and, in particular, its applications in field robotics) is not only constituted by short-term immediate wins, but also by transforming long term effects.

Through the already intensive and fruitful collaboration of INESC TEC with the local and regional academy and industries, being already recognized as a pole for attraction for innovation and R&D amongst them, the positive impacts of DEEPFIELD will extend to the region key actors where the initiating institution is located in, generating collateral positive impacts in the economy system.

This cooperation with research intensive organizations will, therefore, not only directly increase the research and innovation capacity of the proposing institution, but also make an important contribution for the long-term sustainability, by helping to consolidate it as a recognized research asset, capable of providing unique services to the whole of the European research community and, hence, a pole of attraction of European talent to the region.