Short-mission at Max Planck Institute

Alexandre Amaral, a PhD student from the Centre for Robotics and Autonomous Systems (CRAS - INESC TEC) stayed in Stuttgart for 2 weeks in order to perform a short-term scientific mission with the partners from Max Planck Institute.

From 3rd until 15th July 2023, Alexandre pursued the respective objectives: 
  • Set up an UAV environment using Gazebo + ROS + PX4 control  
  • Implement an RL agent to solve simple tasks
  • Implement different action and reward strategies
  • Increase tasks complexity 
  • Set up parallel environments to train simultaneously. 
During the first week he worked on the Environment set up that consisted of a Gazebo environment with an empty world and iris quadrotor UAV model and PX4 Software-in-the-Loop with ROS connection trough MAVROS. In the second week he implemented the set up.

Since he is still in the middle of his PhD studies, Alexandre Amaral, supervised by Dr. André Dias of INESC TEC will continue to be mentored by Dr. Yu Tang from MPI

Detailed description of the work done and results obtained are available for consultation below.

STSM@Max Planck

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